Pussy Posse 2.0?

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We all know that Leonardo DiCaprio is this generation's Jack Nicholson when it comes to playing the field with young, attractive women.
But on Saturday, the 38-year-old lothario decided to treat his Django Unchained co-star (and new BFF) Jonah Hill to a wild yacht party in Sydney, and the antics left Hill, 29, blushing.

The older man negotiated the many scantily-clad women with ease and didn't bat an eyelid as some of the girls got a bit wild and started stripping their tops off.

Leo lapped it up as women flocked to him; one beauty even plonked herself on his knee and in doing so offered up a nice view of her impressive cleavage.
But the Titanic star was unruffled, unlike Hill - who recently came out of a long-term relationship with Dustin Hoffman's daughter Ali, looked shell-shocked by the experience. (riiiiiight)
In fact, when one party-goer exposed her breasts right in front of him... the Moneyball star looked genuinely shocked. (okay!)
The unlikely pair were spotted hitching a ride on a luxury yacht together on Friday afternoon in Sydney.

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And in a show of solidarity, Jonah undertook Leo's signature off-duty look by wearing a baseball cap too.
The pair were spotted boarding the yacht yesterday, but Leo carried a bag that suggested the pair are making their headquarters on dry land.
The carrier seemed to have 'The Darling' printed on it, which could be the name of the hotel Leo and Jonah were staying at, so may well have been filled up with a few complimentary toiletries to take on the yacht, just in case there's a moisturising emergency.
The hotel, conveniently offers luxury hotel rooms and stunning views from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, so it's the perfect location for a quick boating trip.

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(literally throwing up in my mouth and out of my nose at these two douchebros)

As the ship embarked on its scenic route which offered sights like the world famous Sydney Opera House, Leo was spotted chatting to a gaggle of girls.
Whether they had arrived with or separately from the actors isn't known, but they no doubt enjoyed the rest of the boat trip in close proximity.
However as the Wolf On Wolf Street star is rumoured to be dating former Neighbour's actress Margot Robbie - they met on the New York set of the aforementioned movie - maybe the female company was more for Jonah's benefit.
Their presence in Sydney is reported to be part of a New Year's party to rival any other.
A slew of celebrities - including Jamie Foxx, Chace Crawford and DJ Samantha Ronson - flew into Sydney with Leo on Friday, to welcome in 2013 in Sydney before heading back to the U.S, more specifically, Las Vegas for round two of New year antics.

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I find it hard to believe that Leo has sex with a lot of women, he seems like he'd get tired out and take a snack break. Same with Jonah. 
I think this is just for show, Jonah has been accepted into the Hollyweird elite and they are trying to mould him in their image.
Oh well, hope everyone gets regular sexual health check ups AND wore a condom!

If you're wondering what the 'Pussy Posse' is all about, it's a nickname that Leo gave his ~crew back in the '90s when he was young. Apparently he still thinks he's the age he was then...