LINDSAY LOHAN I'm Staying HOME on New Year's Eve


NO, IT'S NOT OPPOSITE DAY ... Lindsay Lohan will be one of the few people NOT getting sloshed this New Year's Eve ... telling friends she's choosing to stay home instead.

According to our sources, LiLo is hell bent on starting the year off right -- and making a good impression on the judge hearing her case -- which means no parties, no clubs and definitely no drinking on the last night of 2012.

It's a far cry from her past NYE extravaganzas ... where LiLo got her party on at shin-digs all over the world, including St. Barts and Italy.

But this year, we're told LiLo's plans include a small, quiet dinner -- and then it's straight back home before the ball drops to chill with family and friends.

And in other news ... pigs can fly.