Eli Roth Gets Felt Up in fake Telenovela "Ataque Al Corazon", ONTD Gets jealous

It appears that Eli Roth and director Nicolas Lopez hit it off during their collaboration on the upcoming Aftershock, because Roth is flexing his thespian chops once again under his tutelage.

Lopez has a comedy opening in Chile next week called Que Pena Tu Familia, and the characters in the film watch a Telenovela entitled “Ataque Al Corazon” (“Attack The Heart”). So, in ongoing the tradition of fake TV shows being shot in order to give movie characters something to watch, we’ve got a trailer from the show. It brings the gore and more than a little bit of “Grey’s Anatomy” style sexual friction.

Warning. Bloody.



my homey fwee_prower will be the judge of that.