Lindsay Lohan Takes Us Into Her Home on Million Dollar Decorators


Want to get a look inside Lindsay Lohan's Hollywood home, but don't want to risk your life by actually partying with her? You're in luck! This week's episode of Bravo's "Million Dollar Decorators" (airing January 1) features the "Liz & Dick" star hiring interior designer Kathryn Ireland to renovate her house, and you can take a tour of Casa de Lohan in the sneak peek video above.

After a brief intro in which Kathryn asks her sons to "Google Lindsay Lohan" to find out what movies she's been in lately (um, not too many, really), the designer arrives at Lindsay's secluded Hollywood Hills manse for a walk-through. Lindsay takes her up to her shockingly sparse bedroom, with piles of handbags on the floor and a truly weird mirrored bed in the center. Luckily for Kathryn, Lindsay doesn't mind getting rid of the mirrored bed; in fact, she wants the exact same bed Kathryn has in her house. (Not at all creepy!)

All told, Bravo spent a whopping $200,000 on the shabby-chic revamp. But if you're tuning in hoping to see Lindsay react to her newly renovated home, don't hold your breath. Lohan reportedly refused to film the traditional post-makeover reveal... because the house had become such a mess. And she might not be around to enjoy her new home much longer anyway; TMZ reports that Lindsay is struggling to pay her rent and will likely move out of the house in February, when her lease ends. But hey, at least she got a free reality TV renovation out of it!


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