My Prince

The Wanted's Nathan Sykes reaches out to Sandy Hook teacher's sister.

NATHAN Sykes, singer in boy band The Wanted, has reached out to the sister of a teacher killed in the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Carlee, a huge fan of The Wanted, celebrated her 20th birthday on Sunday and tweeted herself a happy birthday message to which Nathan replied.

He said: "Sending all my love to @ICarlee23 for your birthday! You, Vicki and your family are such an inspiration. Hope you have a lovely day :) xx."

She could not hide her delight at receiving the tweet and replied: "@NathanTheWanted thank you sooooo much. It means so much to get a tweet from you. I don't need any more gifts cause that made my day."

Nathan, who grew up in Gloucester, then made her birthday extra special.

He said: "@ICarlee23 Next time we are in NYC I have arranged for you to come and hang out with us if you are up for that? Would be lovely to see ya xx."

She said: "@NathanTheWanted I think I just died a little reading this tweet. I would love to meet you whenever your in NY. Thank you so much."

After speaking online with Nathan, Carlee later tweeted: "This birthday may not be the same with out Vicki, but I know my big sissy is looking down at me smiling wishing me a happy birthday."


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He is so sweet :')