Loki'd: The Outtakes

Who can forget Tom Hiddleston's best role of the year in the After Hours skit "Loki'd"? Forget "The Avengers," this video had it all: Action, adventure, intrigue and even a little romance (just look at that sexual tension with MTV News' Josh Horowitz).

Fortunately, we've got a little more of where that came from. What you saw in "Loki'd" isn't all that was shot that day, and Hiddleston has dropped in to give us some hilarious unseen outtakes from a day that the MTV newsroom will likely never forget.

"If you liked that, then you're in for a treat," Hiddleston said. "I'm here to introduce some never-before-seen outtakes from that day of insanity and folly."


Tom Hiddleston remains perfect.