Teen Wolf Season 3 Promo Released Today

The stars of 'Teen Wolf' welcome cameras to the set on the first day of shooting season 3, and Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien answer some fan mail.

In the behind-the-scenes footage, we see several different scenes being shot both in the vet’s office and in the school. Scott, Dylan, Isaac, Derek, Lydia, and Allison are all featured, along with the Alpha Pack, with the twins prominent among them.

We even see Meagan Tandy handling a weapon in the locker room, although we still don’t know what role she’s playing! We also get to see a glimpse of one of the dirt bikes that we were told will be featured in that first episode during a chase scene.

After that, we get O’Brien and Posey reading each other fan mail, which is both sweet and hilarious (we’d expect nothing less).

Source: MTV & Hypable

omfg a lot revealed in that promo. nhf those fan letters tho, jesus christ. I've never seen a TV show break the 4th wall as much as this one does AND IT KILLS ME