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Introducing Cobrasnake Cory.

In reference to THIS POST and all the "Who's that girl?" comments, here's a quick visual crash course on Internet celeb, Cory Kennedy, otherwise known as "that hipster bitch from the Cobrasnake."

Cory Kennedy, or "Pianohead" as her friends call her, is a 17-year-old girl from Los Angeles. According to people that know her, she used to go to a fancy prep school but dropped out because of all the flack she got from partying. She was homeschooled for a while.

The reason she is e-famous is through the Cobrasnake website. Basically, this guy in his 20s named Mark Hunter gets invited to all these parties (some scene, some not) to photograph people. Then he posts them on his website. Cory is a regular, and some people describe her as his "muse."

The dude in question:

Some people say that they're cousins, but I doubt it because he photographs her in a most un-cousinly way:

Even though she's underage, Cory has quite the affinity for alcohol. She also has a crapload of fake IDs so she can go anywhere and get as trashed as she pleases. 

Because she's an "intern" for the Cobrasnake, she enjoys several perks, including traveling wherever it is Mark has to go...

... and meeting several celebrities along the way:

Cory K. is also a fashion "icon" in random places like Holland. Despite looking straight out of a dumpster sometimes, most of the stuff she wears is not cheap. 

She was already in last month's Nylon, with appearances in ELLE and i-D Magazine soon to follow. Some even go as far to say she's the Edie Sedgwick of our time. 

If you think she should clean up, save your breath, because she doesn't look much different after a shower either:

These were taken at her prom.

I hated her the first time I heard about her (on Gawker's weekly hipster-bashing column, Blue States Lose), but there's something about her that's oddly endearing and makes for good photos. 

The Cobrasnake should really cut it out with the KIDDIE PORN though. That's just foul.

Source: Me, The Cobrasnake, and corykennedyy

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