Movies Based On Books: Characters Who Look Nothing Like They're Described In The Original Story

Many of the people who go se “Jack Reacher”  won’t be aware tha Tom Cruise is way too short to play the title characte (when the actor was cast in the role last year, fans of Lee Child’s best-selling book series were up in arms over the choice). Reacher, who is the protagonist of 17 novels is well-known in literary form as being six-foot-five with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and a weight of well over 200 lbs. So, basically the opposite of Cruise.

However, the actor will likely make the character his own, and that’s fin if you can accept that movies don’t always have to be faithful to the page. ruise is just following in steps of actors who were cast in adaptations in spite of having little to no resemblance to their literary counterparts. Let’s take a look at 10 examples below.

“Jack Reacher” isn’t the first adaptation Cruise was cast in where fans (and author) were disappointed.Collapse )source

ONTD, does it bother you the character you imagined in the books and the one you see on the screen doesn't even remotely similar even if the actor/actress is good enough to pull it despite his/her physical appearence?