Previews of Ocho Cinco's sex tape hits the net

And speaking of foolish video, Chad Ocho Cinco apparently has a sex tape that has hit the net. And he actually gave authorization for it to come out (at some point)--because his production company shot it!  Yes, he agreed to shoot a porno with intent to some point recently.  And his co-star is a tatted up Latina chick.  Surprise surprise.  When your NFL career is kaputz...apparently this is what we do.

Chad says the tape is indeed real and was shot 3 years ago.  But he wasn't behind it leaking.  And he's getting on it ASAP to get it removed from the web.  Where have we heard THAT before?

We see how well a produced sex tape, made to sell to the highest porn company bidder, works out for certain celebs. So we guess Chad was trying to get a piece of the sextape-to-celeb-status pie too...

Video @ the source, since it won't embed