Former Olympic runner admits she was a prostitute

Suzy Favor Hamilton, a three-time Olympian who capitalized on her wholesome image as an elite runner, mother and wife to land lucrative endorsement deals and motivational speaking engagements, has admitted to leading a double life for the last year as a high-priced call girl.

In a stunning confessional via her Twitter account following a story published on, Favor Hamilton wrote that she was drawn to escorting "in large part because it provided many coping mechanisms for me when I was going through a very challenging time with my marriage and my life."

That doesn't fit the average woman working with operations like this.Collapse )

SOURCE: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

I know she's dealt with some demons, but she seemed to be doing quite well for herself.

She starred in a Nike ad in 2000, a play off slasher flicks. It was criticized for objectifying women.
(Make sure your speakers are turned down - it starts with bloodcurdling screams.)