Taylor Swift shopping for $80K birthday present for Harry Styles:


Nothing says love like $80,000 worth of Beatles memorabilia.

In a sign of just how fast her latest relationship is blossoming, Taylor Swift has called around Liverpool record shops in an effort to purchase the perfect gift for her beau, One Direction singer Harry Styles, London's Daily Star reported.

It'd be the perfect gift for 18-year-old Styles, despite his boy band pedigree, is a huge fan of the Fab Four.

And it seems after several high-profile relationships - Conor Kennedy, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, "Twilight" star Taylor Lautner, and singers Joe Jonas and John Mayer - that ended in tears and hit songs about those breakups, Swift is a big fan of her new boyfriend.

"Harry spent £900 [$1500] on Taylor for her recent birthday, and now she wants to repay the favour – and then some," a source told the British tabloid.

Styles reportedly gifted the "Red" singer with 23 cupcakes for her 23rd birthday last week, in addition to a $650 Jimmy Choo bag and earings, according to London's Sun.

Swift has plenty of time: Styles doesn't turn 19 until Feb. 1.

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