Lmao, Rich Pelley of The Guardian is a condescending flop

Ke$ha: 'If I was in a car with you and you said that, I would punch you right in the balls'

The singer on being covered with glitter, making love to ghosts, and why women should be ready to sleep with Justin Bieber


Hi, Ke$ha (1)

Wassup! (2)

If I type "Kesha" into my phone, it thinks I mean "Jesus". Do you often get mistaken for the Messiah?

[Giggles] I know. Somebody is trying to tell you something.

If you were the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, would that be handy because you could be in three places at once?

That seems like a lot of responsibility. Just being a pop singer is quite enough.

Yeah, but if there were three of you, you could go to the shops, have your hair done and cook your tea all at the same time.

Like if I cloned myself? I'm open to the idea of cloning myself, sure.

"What are the general advantages of being a woman apart from being better at loading the dishwasher and doing the Hoovering?" - SAY WHAAAAAAAA---Collapse )


Was he being feisty on purpose to prompt a response? Trying to be "edgy"?

Anyway, K$ handling herself like a champ. I decided to keep the article's added footnotes for your reading pleasure. No need to thank me!
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