The puns make this article fun. The facts make it creepy as f*ck.

Kim's Crazy Beauty Secret: The Vampire Face Lift


She's so vein! The star sinks her teeth into controversial new treatment.

Just how far is Kim Kardashian willing to go for beauty? Pretty bloody far, friends say. And they mean it literally. "Kim underwent the vampire face-lift to smooth wrinkles and fill out her face," an insider tells Life & Style. The controversial in-office treatment also known as PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, uses injections of the client's own blood to create younger-looking skin. While no surgery is involved, the bloodletting process is not for the faint of heart! Good thing Kim, 32, is a pro when it comes to looking her best.

True Blood
"It was crazy," a pal of Kim's tells Life & Style about her vampire lift, done in Miami." The doctor took blood from her arm and spun it to separate the platelets. The blood was then rubbed onto her face. After that, they did something called needling, where all these little needles prick the skin and let the platelets seep in. It was so gross!" Whole doctors usually inject the repurposed blood directly under the skin, it's sometimes"painted on," says Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Andre Berger. "Vampire therapy is really just a sexy name for the process of taking blood [usually two vials] from a patient and spinning platelets to make PRP, which is rich in growth factors. When these are injected into the body again they stimulate the production of collagen, which enhances skin and makes it appear more youthful." In some cases synthetic fillers like Juvederm are combined with PRP for more dramatic - and immediate - results. Patients who are afraid of Botox and synthetic fillers like the idea of harnessing their own tissue.

Is it Vial-able
The jury's still out on whether the vamp lift delivers immortal effects. "While the procedure is safe," explains Gabriel Chiu, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, "there are no long-term clinical studies that support the claims of the treatment." Still, Kim's grueling therapy, which was filmed with friend Johnathan Cheban in tow for Kourtney & Kim take Miami , should make for compelling TV. "All the crew members were hoping that Kim would throw up," says her pal. "But she didn't. Some of them nearly did though." Adds the insider, "[It] will be airing soon and Kim will be tweeting a picture of what she looked like after the treatment." We can't wait to see! L&S

Source: December 17, 2012 Life & Style Magazine pp 48-49.
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