A Lot More Promo Pics from Downton Abbey's 2012 Christmas Special

Stunning queen of love and beauty invites you into this picture post.

Flopbert wearing a dinner jacket and staring into your soul.

Queen Cora getting on a train? Or getting off of a train? IDK. THERE IS A TRAIN IN THE BACKGROUND, OK?

Bates hanging around on a train platform partially obscured by the steam from the train? Whatever. Mary totally did it better in series 2.

Robert is also trying to recreate the stunning beauty of Mary standing the steam at a train station from series 2. It's not working out for him.

Here comes the queen to show everyone how standing in train stations should be done. lol. Actually the reason I am posting this is because of the background. I am pretty sure that is Tom with Isis? LMAO. So Tom either brought Isis to the train station to say goodbye to Robert or to welcome him home. ISIS IS ROBERT'S FAVORITE CHILD. Also, Isis is like a billion years old at this point. She is immortal.

I'm posting these three pictures together because the backgrounds make me think they might be taken in the same place??? But the background also doesn't look like Downton? IDK IDK. Matthew looks kinda ridiculous in his picture. Edna looks fierce. Tom is looking good.

Matthew looks Very Serious about something. idk.

I don't think we've seen the full length version of this shot yet so I'm posting it. Also I am super interested in that neckline detail that is peeking out behind Mary's coat. I want to see the whole outfit!

Walk, walk. Fashion, baby.

Matthew squinting into the sun?

Edith posing with a car, again.

If I'm being honest, I'm just posting this because Branson's face is making me lol.

Mrs. Hughes is also a bit bewildered by Branson's face. (Or more likely she spots Mrs. Patmore's suitor or something.)

Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore smiling and being cute and stuff.

"I'm not a model. The camera just went off."

The enigmatic Shrimpie. (Imma be so mad if we don't find out the origin of that nickname.)

Love the coat. Not too fond of the hat.

Oh look! Edith gets to pose with people this time and not cars! Also judging from the outfits + the fact that it is outdoors, I think this is a shooting lunch? WHERE'S MARY THO? I WANT TO SEE HER OUTFIT!

Idk what is up with Flopbert's face in this picture.

Lady Grantham and her stylin' hat.


Oh. It looks like her flop of a husband came along too. Whatevs. I'm mostly focused on Mary and Matthew in the background of these pics.

OH LOOK! THE BACK OF MARY AND MATTHEW! And the front of some other people.

Shrimpie clutches at his heart when he comes face to face with Cora's perfection.

Matthew standing on some steps? IDK. WHERE IS MARY? He's been clinging to Mary in like every shot of her. And now he abandons her to walk up the stairs by herself. The horror!

Lady Grantham looking grumpy.

Matthew looking constipated? IDK.

Another shot of Shrimpie for good measure.

Rose, Shrimpie and Robert at the shoot, I guess.

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P.S. Are we ever going to get a press pack for the Christmas special?