Harry and Taylor’s PDA at pub date in rural England

It seems Harry Styles is keen to show off new love Taylor Swift to everyone, particularly his family. The One Direction singer took Taylor to a pub near Sheffield, North England last night. They met Harry's sister Gemma, who goes to University nearby, at the Rising Sun hotel in Bamford, where – an onlooker at the pub tells us – they were looking very coupley indeed. Taylor was even overheard telling Gemma: “We have so much in common – it’s so great we get along.”

The restaurant-goer said: “Harry and Taylor were putting spoons on their noses and fooling around with each other and taking photos of each other. After that, they were stood talking and Harry kept putting his hand on Taylor’s bum. Taylor had her arms around him a lot and they were really close all night.”

“They seemed like they got along really well and they got on with Harry’s sister and did seem like a normal couple. They were sat together opposite Harry’s sister and you could see Harry’s hand on Taylor’s lap the whole evening."

“Harry had a turkey dinner with orange juice and a Christmas pudding after,” they added. “Taylor had oven-baked cod, but didn’t have a dessert and was drinking diet coke.”

Harry and Taylor were then spotted at a Tescos near his mum’s house in Cheshire later that evening, so it seems he was keen to show the American singer off to all his nearest and dearest.

#Haylor – it’s true love, not just a hashtag.

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Update: Harry and Taylor in Bowness-on-Windermere in the Lake District today

BOWNESS was touched by stardom today as not one but two pop stars were in town for a visit.

American songstress Taylor Swift and One Direction star Harry Styles, who have just gone public with their relationship, were snapped outside Pandora jewellery shop on Crag Brow with manager Claire Dibbs.

Claire, 24, said: “They were just walking past Pandora and one of my colleagues saw them. Screaming, I ran to grab my phone and got one of the girls to take a photograph. I was hyperventilating. I am a big Harry Styles fan, but I have to say Taylor Swift was just so nice to me. I was asking her how long she is in the area for.

I think they were just in for a day visiting with his parents. They had been to the Beatrix Potter shop and had loads of bags. We tried to persuade them in so he could buy her a nice shiny ring, but they were having none of it.

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