Florence Welch Isn't Here For Your Tomfoolery

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Just call her Florence Welch, friendship healer. The quirky singer drew cheers from her fans during a show in Aberdeen, Scotland, Sunday night after she put her set on pause to break up a brawl in the audience.

Welch, 26, was about halfway through a rousing performance of her hit, "Shake It Out," when she noticed two female fans in the crowd having an argument. She called for her band to stop, and then directly addressed the offending hotheads.

"I can't have a fight in front of me while I'm singing this song! No fighting allowed," she scolded the duo. "I don't know what's happening but I would quite like it to stop. It doesn't matter whose fault it is."

"Excuse me, all of you – stop it," she called out to her fans, who had begun to chuckle nervously. "I'm sorry all of you if you're upset."

One of the quarreling girls appeared to be crying at this point, so the "Cosmic Love" singer then turned concerned.

"Is she OK? Is she going to be alright?" she asked.

Welch then hopped off the stage – barefoot – and gave the girl a hug, insisting that "everyone who's friends, kiss and make up and be good to each other."

The fire-haired singer then climbed back up onto the stage and picked up where she left off.

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ONTD members, if you were in the crowd, then would you tell the people arguing to stop/chill the fuck out?