What Happens When You Google "Dying Grandparent"?


Last week, Buzzfeed noticed that if you google the term "dying grandparent," you get a surprising result -- images of Christina Aguilera.

Go ahead, try it. Search "dying grandparent" and you'll see dozens of photos of the 31-year-old old blond singer starring back at you.

What is going on?

According to the Daily Dot, Aguilera's image is associated with the search term because of a quirk in Google's algorithm. Back in 2011, RadarOnline first reported that the singer estranged uncle claimed she was snubbing her dying grandparents.

Because of the popularity of the story back in 2011, each time RadarOnline's story was linked to, the association between the terms "Christina Aguilera" and "dying grandparent" increased, until it outranked other posts about dying grandparents.

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