'30 Rock' celebrity guest stars: Your favorites? + Ice-T guest starring

You know what is quite possibly the opposite of Lizzing? The overwhelming sadness I feel when I realize there are only six episodes of 30 Rock left. And while there is plenty of stuff I’m going to miss — Werewolf Bar Mitzvahs, Reaganing — I think what my Thursday nights will lack the most going forward is quality celebrity guest star appearances. 30 Rock nailed it on that front pretty much every week. One of the great pleasures of the show was the surprise of finding out just who was going to stop by. And with Tina Fey at the helm, essentially no star was too big (even Paul McCartney had a cameo!). I got to thinking about some of my favorites on the program – and there are just so many greats to choose from. Who can forget Liz’s brief involvement with James Franco, or Will Forte as a Jenna impersonator/her one true love?

I cut down from a rather large list to cull five of my favorites (For now! There are sooo many great ones!). Check it out below:

1.    Kelsey Grammer: One of my favorite scenes from the show was when Grammer partnered with Kenneth and Jenna to steal ice cream cake for profit from Carvels. What a windfall!

2.    Sherri Shepherd: The comedian was always a standout as Tracy’s wife Angie, but Queen of Jordan — and the send-up of all things Bravo — took my love to new levels. I’ll never say ‘Ham’ the same way again.

3.    Jon Hamm: Not only was Hamm great as Liz’s beautiful-but-brainless beau, but he took on a wonderful new second life as a guest star in the live episodes. Hamm may play gloom and doom on Mad Men, but he comes to 30 Rock to have fun and whenever he’s on screen we’re having a good time as well. Need I remind you of this?

4.    Will Ferrell: The star of NBC’s B**** Hunter: “Happy Birthday, B****es!” A close runner up is everyone on MILF Island.

5.    David Schwimmer: One of the first familiar faces to guest star on 30 Rock, Schwimmer – as Jared, a global warming mascot Jack dreams up that becomes way too invested in the cause – was an early standout that helped establish 30 Rock as the place to go to let loose.

Even after writing this out, I’m still unsure of my final picks. What about Will Arnett’s Emmy-nominated Devon Banks?  Or Patti LuPone? Or Brian Williams as Comedian Brian Williams? What tops your all-time list?

Yes, you read that right; Ice-T is headed to 30 Rock!

The Ice Loves Coco star took to Twitter today to announce the news with an Instagram photo of his dressing room door. Unfortunately he was mum on any further details, leaving us with plenty of questions. What role will Ice be playing? Will he have any scenes with Tina Fey? What will Frank's final trucker hat say?

Of course, we know that Ice can handle comedy, as we recently watched him try his hand at stand-up comedy with the mentorship of his Law & Order co-star, Richard Belzer.

NBC has set the hourlong finale of 30 Rock for January 31, following The Office and new comedy1600 Penn. As of now, though, details about the finale are tough to come by.

If Ice-T is there, though, we know one thing: it's going to be one badass episode of 30 Rock.

While you're waiting for Ice's sitcom debut, you can catch an all-new episode of Ice Loves Coco this Sunday, December 16 at 10/9c, only on E!


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