How to get a stomach like Benedict Cumberbatch: Secrets of an A-list body

We reveal how to get the enviable physiques of the stars. This week, Benedict Cumberbatch’s stomach.

He has described himself as an unlikely sex symbol, yet the 36-year-old star of Sherlock has a body that is envied by many

So how does he keep his ripped abs in such perfect shape?

‘With Sherlock, it’s lots of seeds, juices, swimming and running,’ says Cumberbatch. 

However, when filming the forthcoming Star Trek sequel in Hollywood (he plays a baddie), he had a personal trainer. 

TRY THIS: The abdominal hold  — sit on the edge of a dining chair and place your hands on the edge, on the outside of your thighs, fingers pointing forward towards your knees.

Tighten abdominal muscles, put weight on hands and lift feet off the ground. Hold position for 5-10 seconds or as long as you can. 

Repeat for 60 seconds in total.



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