The Game says Chris Brown beating Rihanna was "just one of those Hollywood mishaps"

With his fifth album, Jesus Piece, in stores tomorrow, The Game paid a visit to The Howard Stern Show and in the clip discusses his relationship with Chris Brown, who he considers a "little brother."

"I did the best that I could...counsel him through that," said the Game of speaking to Brown after the infamous incident. "I feel like he made it back okay, and they're back together. What I though of it, I just figured they were young and that was just one of those Hollywood mishaps. I don't think it'll happen again."

The Game also said he believes that Breezy has changed but he couldn't really speak for him. The "Hate Or Love It" singer did sort of change his tune when Stern's co-host Robin Quivers asked what he would do if it was his daughter that Brown smacked around.

"Uhh, let's not paint that picture," said the Game. He then added, "That's Howard talking. You're trying to get me to kill Chris Brown, it's not going to happen Howard. That was pretty clever, though."

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