Taylor 'yoko' Swift spotted at Xfactor final!

One Direction fans have hit out at Harry Style's new girlfriend Taylor Swift, viciously branding her the groups 'Yoko Ono'.

Those directioners twitter slurs, which refer to John Lenon's widow being responsible for The Beatles split in 1970, come as country singer Swift was spotted backstage at the X Factor final in Manchester.

Fans have become worried after the Never Ever Getting singer, 22, flew Harry from New York to the UK in her private jet, with the rest of the band flying on a scheduled flight - despite sources saying there was plenty of room.

Tension reportedly starting boiling between Harry and his bandmates after he abandoned them to travel back from New York on Taylor's private jet instead.

The other four lads were mobbed by fans at the airport, which resulted in Liam getting painful injuries.

A source said: 'There was loads of room for the rest of the band in Taylor's luxury jet but he didn't even suggest they travelled together. It's not really far off from the Yoko situation.'