Ryan Murphy and 'Glee' Flip a Giant Middle Finger to the Show's Lesbian Fans

It’s not enough that Ryan Murphy and the gang over at American Horror Story have been sadistically torturing out actress, who’s also playing a lesbian, Sarah Paulson week after week in the name of edginess in an over-the-top package of faux sensitivity and meta hyper-awareness of the treatment of women, specifically gay women, in the 60s. Now, Murphy, a gay man, and the rest of Glee staff, pretty much bid a fond fuck you to Glee’s lesbian fan base with a self-reflexive screed from his bisexual character Brittany (Heather Morris), who’s recently been dumped by out lesbian Santana (Naya Rivera) and who is contemplating a relationship with Sam (Chord Overstreet).

The writers at Glee clearly anticipated a maelstrom of hate mail over the show's bisexual character dating a boy – and let’s face it, there are likely disappointed Brittany and Santana fans of every ilk out there – and they attempted to circumvent it by using Brittany as a mouthpiece to warn lesbian fans of how they’ll be perceived as one big unidentifiable mass of angry dykes should they fail to get on board with Brittany’s new relationship.
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Tbh, I don't really watch this show but I know that Murphy has a habit of things like this. The comments at the source are full of (gay?) male fans agreeing with Murphy which I find odd considering that it's a sight geared towards lesbians.