SNL Post: Jamie Foxx

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Here is the rundown for the season so far.
Week number, Host, +SkitsWithHader -SkitsWithoutHader

Week 1: Seth MacFarlane +6 -6
Week 2: Joseph Gordon Levitt +7 -6
Week 3: Daniel Craig +4 -6
Week 4: Christina Applegate +4 -6
Week 5: Bruno Mars +6 -7
Week 6: Louis C.K. +2 -7
Week 7: Anne Hathaway +5 -5
Week 8: Jeremy Renner +7 -4
Week 9: Jamie Foxx +3 -7

Opener:Obama and Boehner talk Fiscal Cliff (Hader)
Monologue: How black is that? and then he sings. (BONUS: 2chainz) (No Hader)
Bitch, what's the answer? (No Hader)
J-Pop America Fun Time Now!!! (No Hader)
Tyler Perry Presents Alex Cross 2 The Madea House (No Hader)
Ne-Yo performs, and a girl's top pops at the end
Weekend Update (No Hader)
Dylan McDermot or Dermot Mulroney (Hader)
Marcus Banks: Tree Pimp (No Hader)
Maine Justice (Hader voiceover) BONUS CHARLIE DAY
Swarovski Crystals (No Hader)

Hader Skits

Skits w/o Hader