Brooke Mueller Don't Worry My Kids Are Fine ... I Have a Nanny

Brooke Mueller's 3-year-old twins were NOT left to fend for themselves after Brooke was hospitalized on Friday ... in fact, we're told, they were being cared for by Brooke's live-in nanny.

We broke the story ... Brooke was rushed to the hospital yesterday morning after she passed out cold and was unresponsive. Her family believes the incident was drug related, but Brooke was adamant she was just reeeeallly tired.

Sources close to Brooke tell TMZ that while in the hospital, Brooke's nanny stayed with her boys at Brooke's house. We're told the nanny has been living with the family for years.

And despite having other "parental" options -- like Charlie Sheen (their dad), Denise Richards, or Brooke's mom -- we're told the kids will 100% stay put at Casa de Brooke, under their nanny's watchful eye.

Freeing up time for Brooke ... to make more jewelry.