Guess Who?

Robert Carlyle! (My hair is a damn mess, sorry.)

This was during the Q & A session.

Attended the California Solo screening in LA and he was there for the Q & A session after the show and hung around for photos and autographs when that was over. He was incredibly kind and gracious even though the place was flooded and it seemed everyone was there for him rather than the director or any of the other cast members.

Emilie de Ravin was there as well, supporting her OUAT co-star and she was kind enough to take photos with fans once people started recognizing her and calling out "Belle". All I have is this phone camera shot:

The two were asked to take a picture together by a few different people, but Carlyle said, "I don't think that'd be a good idea." And Emilie kinda rushed out of there, and Robert followed shortly after. He was supposed to do an intro for the 9:50 show, but everything was running massively late, and I think a lot of the people coming in for the late show were able to meet him on his way out.

Source: Me and my camera