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Universal Picks Up Film Rights to READY PLAYER ONE Author Ernie Cline’s Follow-Up Novel, ARMADA

It’s a good week to be Ernie Cline. The author behind the gamer-centric Ready Player One sold the publishing rights to his follow-up novel, Armada, earlier this week, and now Universal Pictures is ready to pick up the feature film rights to the new book.

Plot details for Armada are under wraps, but the story reportedly “features a high-concept hook that offers the ultimate wish fulfillment to every video game fan on the planet.” I can only assume that means we’ll see multiplayer gamers whose vocabulary is solely comprised of racist and/or homophobic slurs get publicly tarred and feathered lambasted and ridiculed for their behavior.

Variety reports that Universal has acquired the rights to Armada for seven figures, with Scott Stuber’s Bluegrass Films and Dan Farah’s Farah Film banner set to produce. Cline made both the publishing and film deals based solely on a 20-page proposal for the new novel. Warner Bros. is currently developing a film adaptation of last year’s Ready Player One.


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NYT Creates Separate Middle Grade & YA Bestsellers Lists

The New York Times will divide its Children’s Bestsellers list for chapter books, creating separate middle grade and YA lists. NYT editor Pamela Paul announced the news last night on Twitter. We’ve embedded her three tweets below.

full tweets at the source but here is what they say:

"Big changes coming to NYT Children's Bestsellers lists: Chapter books will now be divided into middle grade and YA. Each extends to 15..."

"More NYT Children's Bestseller Lists changes: middle-grade, YA and series will now integrate e-books and print sales."

"And more on NYT children's bestseller changes: Picture books will remain hardcover."

The newly formed middle grade and young adult lists will account for both eBook and print book sales. However, the picture books list will continue to exclusively spotlight on hardcover titles. What do you think?

The Fault in Our Stars author John Green offered this comment on his tumblr page: “In news that only matters to publishing nerds, the New York Times has changed its bestseller lists to become format neutral (so it counts e-book sales and doesn’t distinguish between hardcover and paperback)…Those of you who follow my tumblr closely may know that for many weeks, I have been chasing Bill O’Reilly and promising to destroy him. But now we have been placed on DIFFERENT LISTS.” (via Publishers Weekly)