Next X Factor winner Christopher Maloney's grandmother gets death threats

Parading his nan at every opportunity has come at a price.

Christopher Maloney’s nan has been getting death threats after her latest appearance on The X Factor 2012.

Speaking to Reveal magazine this week, Chris said he and his nan have been trying to ignore the messages sent by crazy fans of the show.

“I never thought being on a TV show could warrant death threats,” he said. “The most recent threat was from someone saying they were going to hunt my Nan down and kill her.

“It is frightening, but we try to ignore it, otherwise we’ll be paranoid and looking over our shoulder all the time.”

Chris previously claimed the judges have made him a target after “ganging up” on him with their comments.

He said: “They are making me out to be a pantomime villain and I’m not. I’m just a genuine normal guy from the backstreets of Liverpool that’s done nothing like The X Factor in my life.”

Christopher went home to see his nan and family in Liverpool earlier this week at his homecoming party with mentor Gary Barlow. Speaking about his homecoming yesterday, Chris said he was left in tears by the amount of support from locals.

Chris, who performed for more than 2,000 fans at the Liverpool Empire, said: “It was absolutely fantastic, the city of Liverpool came out and I’m so proud to be from the north west.

“They were brilliant. There was tears, it was emotional, I haven’t been back home of months.”