Teen Wolf: First look at Alpha Kali. Teasers roundup, set pics. Sterek shippers do the absolute most

Kali will be one of the most dangerous Alphas we've seen on the show. Inspired by great comic book villains like Mystique from "X-Men," she uses the claws on her feet to kill. The actress behind her, Felisha Terrell, has a background in martial arts, including the Israeli self-defense system Krav Maga, and will be drawing on that experience throughout the season.

It will be revealed very quickly that Ethan and Aiden (who are among the show's new characters) have each been given separate targets among Scott's friends. And their mission may not necessarily be to harm, but to seduce.

those faces are nagl

Season 3 will be the show's most lethal season yet. The first 12 episodes will rack up a higher body count than both seasons 1 and 2 combined. starting with Jackson?
Derek and Scott fight side-by-side for their lives.

Once Jeff said something like sterek fans could try to persude him. So 'The Sterek Campaign' got created which is desperate enough, but then this happened. 700 cookies sent to Jeff for sterek.

one dude alone donated $100 to this 'cause'. really in need of looking at life and choices.

I guess Jeff finally got those cookies he's been begging for for being such a ~gift~.

The funniest thing about this to me is that for a group that keeps crying about how they're in it for sincere representation honest!, this is ensuring that if sterek ever happened (which it won't lbr), it won't look like anything but fanservice.

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btw, Jeff flounced from twitter because of his hurt feelings over Kali.