Bow to the Rachet Queen on MTV's Catfish

They sure do bring the drama in the ATL! This week on "Catfish," a young single mother named Jasmine discovered that her online crush--a fellow single parent with whom she'd been in touch for two years--wasn't real, and, to add insult to injury, the mastermind behind "Mike"'s fake Facebook account was her ex-fling's girlfriend, Mhissy. When Jasmine and Mhissy came face-to-face, Mhissy admitted she'd plotted the charade to get the satisfaction of seeing Jasmine crumble. The confrontation was painful to watch, but if you ask Mhissy, Jasmine had the embarrassment coming.

After exchanging heated words, Jasmine and Mhissy separately told Nev and Max the back story of their relationship with each other. Apparently, they had met at the mall and quickly discovered they'd been seeing the same guy. According to Mhissy, though, when things heated up between her and the man in question, Josh, Jasmine wouldn't back off. When Mhissy had finally had enough of Jasmine's interference, she enlisted the likes of a fake Facebook account to distract Jasmine from Josh. Mhissy maintained she was well within her right to toy with Jasmine, and even after seeing the woman digress into a puddle of tears, declared she had no regrets.