The Britney Spears lookalike who's made nearly half a million imitating her

Will the real Britney Spears please stand up? Check out the above clip of a professional Britney impersonator who's made a mint posing as the pop princess.

Small-town girl Michaela Weeks from the US state of Connecticut no longer has to wait tables because she makes thousands as a Britney lookalike. So far, she's made more than $460,000 just from playing Britney. Much better than tips!

"I feel very blessed to look like Britney and to be living the life I am now," the 24-year-old told The Sun.

"I bought my house when I was 19 ... I couldn’t believe how well paid just looking like someone else was."

"Being a lookalike has allowed me to spend tens of thousands on sports cars, two houses, clothes, shoes and my pedigree chihuahua, Charlie.

"It feels like fate that I was born in this body and that I look like someone famous.

"If I ever get to meet her I want to thank her for giving me this life."

Looking like a celebrity comes with its pitfalls too. The impersonator struggled financially with Britney's negative press over the years and the star's consequential down-time.

Her career picked up again when Britney joined the panel on the US X Factor.

"Since Britney was named as a judge on the US X Factor this summer, I’ve been so busy" said the performer.

honorary mention tbh!