Jenelle Evans ties the knot?!

Another nuptial surprise for the "Teen Mom 2" crew! Radar Online reports that Jenelle Evans got hitched today, in a courthouse wedding, to her fiancé, Courtland Rogers, just weeks after getting engaged to her relatively new flame. The 20-year-old Evans seems to be following in the footsteps of her sister, who also got married right before she was 21.

Though it comes as a bit of a shock, a look back at a seemingly innocuous tweet from this morning might show a bit of foreshadowing. "Omg this should be very interesting... :D ," she said. Just a few minutes ago, she posted the above picture picture to her account--and we think we see a ring on Courtland's finger! "@courtyb11 took me out to Olive Garden and asked the waiter to take the pic, lmao. Don't ask about my eyes... Weird." Could it be a post-wedding celebration dinner? Time will tell!