Thirsty Polish singer dresses up as Amy Winehouse in her basic video

Natalia Lesz, known to about six people in the world for being fame-hungry and having a millionaire daddy, decided to "pay tribute" to Amy Winehouse by dressing up as the late singer for her newest techno-pop (?) music video, Beat Of My Heart. According to Lesz, the video, directed by Thom Glunt, was inspired by the relationship of Amy and Blake. "It is a miniature of her life," Lesz claims.

Welp, ONTD, see for yourself how accurate that is:

Lesz finally gained her coveted cult status in Poland earlier this year when she wrote about a Polish rapper, Magik, who commited suicide twelve years ago:

"[...] I had an idealistic vision that if I had held [him] tight, we'd be writing songs together today. But that's not what happened, because back then, I was living, studying, loving and trying to make my first professional steps in the States."

Plot twist: she and the deceased rapper never even met. Unfortunately to him, Natalia was too busy living off her father's money in a NYC appartment.

source (in Polish, unfortunately)