How far will 'Hoarders' go for our entertainment?

Last night, The A&E network has premiered the new season of "Hoarders."

Since the series started it's been hard to believe that the next show could be any worse than the last, but it always is.

Monday's episode, (Dec. 3, 2012), featured a woman who hoarded cats. We've seen episodes where poop was the only decoration in a house. One of the houses on Monday's show was the worst of the worst. I can't believe they will find anything worse than this woman and her poopy house. The problem is, the poopy is coming from cats. The homeowner claimed she had 50 cats She also claimed she had 50-75 deceased cats. These cats are in her freezer and her fridge.

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Last night's episode was disgusting. It was the first time I ever turned off the show... And that was only 5 minutes in to the episode. Most of my friends shared the same sentiment. Did you watch it? What did you think?