Is The Walking Dead the new Lost?

Forget the Lost veterans and shout-outs on Person of Interest, Hawaii Five-0, Justified and Once Upon a Time, the whole "forgotten people plus sci-fi" angle on Revolution or the fact that Heroes, Alcatraz and 666 Park Avenue ever existed; as Season 3 of The Walking Dead unfolds, it's becoming clear to us that the zombie drama is the ultimate show for anyone who misses Lost -- for better or for worse. Here's why (and be warned: spoilers abound).

Lost Hallmark: The Flawed Hero
Rick Grimes and Jack Shephard have a whole lot in common: Both are perfectionists who constantly try to solve everyone else's problems, in love with frustrating women in the midst of complicated love triangle, and constantly in power struggles with other alpha males. Also, Rick and Jack are both totally ugly criers.

Lost Hallmark: The Stupid Chick Who Does Everything Wrong
In Lost, we only had to deal with idiot Kate, but for a while we had the pleasure of watching what Lori and Andrea managed to ruin every episode. Fortunately, now Andrea is carrying the weight of two ridiculously bad decision-makers, and like Kate, she also can't follow instructions or mind her own business. And Andrea having sex with the Governor is just about as unforgivable as Kate breaking up Sawyer and Juliet's happy '70s home. (Oh god yes)

Lost Hallmark: Odd and Dangerous Pregnancies
Lori's baby storyline was dragged out a little less than Claire's, but neither were without mysteries. On The Walking Dead, there was the fear that the Grimes kid would be born a walker, that Lori would die in childbirth (so glad that one turned out to be true) and the whole question of how to feed an infant in that post-apocalyptic world. Lost had Claire be the first person to ever give birth on the Island, baby snatching and -- in what we hope never, never happens to young Judith because of how pointless it was -- some kind of weird skeleton squirrel baby. (Aaron > Judith tbh)

Lost Hallmark: The Tough-As-Nails Southern Heartthrob
Hate to break it to you, Shane, but Daryl is totally the new Sawyer, though when he first held Lil' Ass-Kicker is his arms, he reminded us Charlie, too. Carol isn't quite as young and perky as either Kate or Juliet, but when she eventually does hook up with Daryl (we all know it's coming), it's got the potential to be Polar Bear Cage Sex 2.0. And sadly, before you ask: No, there is no Frank Lapidus counterpart. Dale had a chance, there, but then he had to go ahead and be so... Dale-ish. He's not even worthy of a Bernard comparison, except for in that episode where Bernard tried to be the new Jack. (Sorry, but...Daryl can't even measure up tbqh)

Lost Hallmark: The Child Actor We Don't Care About
Carl is obviously the new Walt, both in that he's generally a waste of space and that, as the child actor ages in real time but his character stays that same age, it'll screw up the timeline of the show. Also, both kids are very hard to keep track of, apparently. It's too bad Lori never cared enough about her son to go around screaming "CAAAARRRRL"!

Lost Hallmark: All of the Black Men are Doomed
It's frankly pathetic that a show that takes place in the American South would have so few people of color, but we are impressed that T-Dog lasted as long as he did... unlike Mr. Eko, who remains the drug-dealing warlord-turned-Catholic-priest of our hearts. (Tyreese prayer circle, pls)

Lost Hallmark: A Kickass Independent Woman
Ben's baby mama lived on the Island for 16 years all by her lonesome, and kicked a serious ton of ass in the meantime -- sounds a bit like Michonne, no? Unfortunately, since the latter paired up with Andrea, we're thinking her expiration date might come as quickly as Rousseau's did.

Lost Hallmark: Polar Bears
The Island had polar bears. The Prison has Hershel.

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