The next big boyband talk Gay Sex, Grindr, Chlamydia, Beards

"George, will you get a beard like Taylor Swift?"

It's Union J! They were obviously better than Maloney but the X Factor's all gone a bit wrong this year so they're out. Nevermind, they're going to be very, very successful. So successful that this is probably the last time they're going to be allowed to talk about bumming, STDs and beards.

Holy Moly asks innocent, gay-rumored George if he's "going to get a beard like Taylor Swift"- a term only recently outed Jaymi understood.

The conversation then turns to "bumming" (anal sex), sexually transmitted diseases (something JJ seemed to have lots of knowledge about), and a discussion on gay hookup app Grindr. Only gay Jaymi knew what it was, and told them to ask Rylan.

They then talk about Christopher Maloney and what will happen when he wins X Factor.

Source S2 S3