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Grimm Returns For 2nd Half Of Season 2 On March 8 2013

NBC has set the return date for their Grimm and cast members discuss what is coming up in the show.

TV Line reports the second season of Grimm will return on March 8. The show just aired the fall finale on November 16.

Hopefully the long hiatus will not deter fans from returning to watch the unique drama that focuses on Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli). Nick learns he is a descendant of the Brothers Grimm and can see Grimm creatures. Some are rehabilitated like Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), but some are violent and destructive.

Claire Coffee, who plays Adalind Schade on the show, told TV Line the first episode that will air after the break has a twist.

“The best word I think I can use is scandalous,” she says. “[Bitsie Tulloch and I] had gone to lunch and came back, and we were both like, ‘Did you read 213? Oh my God!’”

“There’s this big twist that will have a direct effect on Adalind,” she continues, “and will possibly [alter] alliances.”

When asked if Nick’s mother will return, Giuntoli tells Entertainment Weekly, “I’ve only read up to 15, and we’ve alluded to certain things. But I don’t know when. I think she will [return].”

Giuntoli says Nick, Monroe, Hank, and Rosalee will all become closer after the break.

“Monroe and I are pretty tight as is,” Giuntoli says. “I think the Rosalee-Hank-Monroe-Nick dynamic is kind of fun. We all have dinner together now, and I think there’s some fun growth in that entire group kind of dynamic.”

Grimm returns to Friday nights starting March 8 on NBC.

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