Jenelle Evans’ Rumored Heroin Addiction Might Mean It’s Time to End ‘Teen Mom’


Teen Mom Jenelle Evans hasn't been necessarily shy about her battles with drug addiction. We've seen her struggle with marijuana use, go through rehab, only to come out and smoke again, breaking her parole. Now, there are even more serious accusations about Jenelle's alleged addictions. Her former best friend and roommate, Allison, has come forward claiming that she's witnessed Jenelle using heroin.

It all started on Twitter, of course, where Allison was answering questions about her quasi-famous slash quasi-infamous ex-best friend. Allison explained that Jenelle's heroin use started about a month after she moved out, and that Jenelle's rapid weight-loss was a result of her addiction.

Furthermore, a woman who was apparently in the same hospital as Jenelle claims that the Teen Mom was there to go through heroin withdrawal, not to have surgery to treat a ruptured ovarian cyst.

Only time will tell if these heroin rumors hold any weight, and while I hope they're not true, it doesn't boggle the mind to think that Jenelle's capable of using hardcore drugs.

What does boggle the mind, though, is the fact that MTV still thinks they're producing and providing a show that realistically depicts what it's like for teen mothers. When will they learn that their show's actually about what it’s like when high school dropouts become rich and famous?

Jenelle's heroin problem, if real, should be a wake-up call. It's not the network's fault, by any means, that Jenelle's made some poor decisions, but they should take a long, hard look at the show that exploits young women's lives and ask themselves what, exactly, they're expecting from future seasons.

Do you believe the rumors that Jenelle's using heroin?