Singer forced to pay promised $1M reward for found laptop

Singer Ryan Leslie makes a YouTube video offering $1 million for the safe return of his stolen laptop and an external hard drive. A German man finds them. Leslie refuses to pay. A court decides he has to.
In the throes of anguish, we make promises that if only the anguish can be removed we will be eternally grateful.

Now a court has decided that such promises are legally enforceable.

For here is the tale of Ryan Leslie, a Harvard-educated singer, songwriter, and producer (Booba and Cory Gunz are two acts whom he has graced), who had his laptop and an external hard drive stolen in 2010 from a black Mercedes in Cologne, Germany.

Leslie was in pain. He took to YouTube, where he offered $1 million for the safe return of the gadgets.

How bursting with joy Leslie must have been when Armin Augstein, who owns an auto-repair shop, found them in a park as he was walking his dog.

Somehow, though, Leslie may have decided that his initial offer of $1 million might have been hasty. What seems clear is that he refused to pay. Which led to Augstein taking him to court.

And winning.

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