Dolly Parton Gives Seal Of Approval To Miley Cyrus’ Engagement To Liam Hemsworth

Dolly Parton has revealed that she’s a big fan of her goddaughter Miley Cyrus and her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, claiming that it will be a great day of celebration for the family.

The 20-year-old former Disney star got engaged to ‘The Hunger Games’ actor earlier this year, leading many to question whether they are too young.

But now, Dolly has revealed that she approves of the engagement.

Talking to In Touch magazine, the ‘9 to 5’ singer said: “I have met him and he’s a beautiful, nice boy.”

The country star also admits that it makes her angry when people criticize her goddaughter.

“I love Miley to death, and people are mean about her all the time,” she said. “She’s just trying to grow up and find her spot. It grieves me when people talk bad about her. I wanna smack them. Knock it off, find something else to do. Let the kid grow up."

Dolly's not the only one who approves of the couple's engagement, with Miley's dad Billy Ray recently joking:"Liam asked if he could have my daughter's hand in marriage, and I said yes if I could be in his brother's (Chris's) next movie. "Now they are going to have three weddings, so I'm thinking one movie with Chris, then we got the sequel to Liam's new movie (Hunger Games: Catching Fire) coming out. They have got three weddings, that has to be three movies for me."