Oscar Winner Juicy J Made a Strip Club Video Game; Wants to Work with Jay-Z, Nas & Dr. Dre

As Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa shine in the Taylor Gang’s 2050 tour, the Memphis rapper, and member of Three 6 Mafia, has released his very own “Bandz A Make Her Dance” official video game.

In Juicy J’s new videogame for his chart-topping song “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” fans are armed with “bands” of cash at a virtual strip club.

The object of the game is to keep the strippers dancing on the pole by throwing money because when the dollars run out, the dancing stops. Meanwhile, the explicit version of the “Bandz A Make Her Dance” song plays for the girls to dance to, so long as the player keeps throwing money in the right places.

Juicy just recently dropped the newest remix of his strip club anthem “Bandz A Make Her Dance” featuring French Montana, Atlanta rapper B.o.B, and fellow Taylor Gang mates Wiz Khalifa and the sexy Lola Monroe, who adds the female touch.

On Juicy J’s original remix to the hit song “Bandz A Make Her Dance” featured “Birthday Song” College Park rapper 2 Chainz and Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records (YMCMB) rapper Lil Wayne.

Fans and gamers can play Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance” Online Video Game at stripclub.thejuicyj.com


Juicy J also sheds light on his Taylor Gang debut and the reason Three 6 Mafia han't recorded another album yet.

In a recent interview, Juicy J revealed that he would like to work with Jay-Z, Nas and Dr. Dre. He also added that he is nearly finished with his upcoming Taylor Gang debut, Stay Trippy, and that he is ready to record another Three 6 Mafia album, as soon as Sony "cuts that check."

"I would like to work with Jay-Z, man," he said when asked about who he would like to collaborate with in an interview with Montreality. "Jay-Z, Nas and Dr. Dre. So many people."

He later shared that his Stay Trippy release is near completion. Fans can look forward to that in the first quarter of the new year.

"It's almost done," he explained. "Probably some time next year, at the end of January or beginning of February."

Further, J clarified his take on why the next Three 6 Mafia album hasn't been finished yet. "[The album will come] as soon as Sony figure out what they want to do. Soon as they cut that check," he said, before warning about the amount he's looking for. "That check gon' have to be huge."

source and video of the interview