Hollywood Insiders Weigh In: 'Lohan Will Never Work Again'

Earlier this week, MTV News attempted to figure out a way for perpetually problem-plagued actress Lindsay Lohan to get her career back on track after the not-so-hot reviews of her Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick," but now, after yet another disappointing incident in which Lohan was arrested for punching a woman at a nightclub, her future — both professional and personal — looks bleaker than ever.

MTV News reached out to a new panel of industry experts with this question: Will Lindsay Lohan ever find work as an actress again?

"You keep hoping that she's going to get her act together, so does everyone in Hollywood. They keep rooting for her, and she blows it every time," lamented "Access Hollywood" film critic Scott Mantz. "She's got more breaks from people in Hollywood than anyone in her position deserves to get but she does not give the impression of someone who really wants to get her career back on track. She should not be going out. She should be sitting home reading scripts and get her career back on track. She is not doing that."

Another problem, aside from whatever legal fallout and potential jail time occurs given this latest arrest, is Lohan's box-office appeal, which has been in steep decline since her last major hit with 2004's "Mean Girls."

"She hasn't been able to do much at the box office for years, and I'm pretty sure it will remain that way for the rest of her career unless a great director decides to take a chance on her," BoxOffice.com chief analyst Phil Contrino told MTV News of Lohan's bleak professional forecast. "It's all TV movies and straight-to-VOD movies for the foreseeable future."

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