Jamie Oliver Made Gwyneth Paltrow Eat a Hamburger

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Actress/cleanse huckster/cookbook author Gwyneth Paltrow is going to appear on world-saving chef Jamie Oliver's new UK show Jamie and Jimmy's Food Fight Club, and somehow he convinced the "health-conscious star" to eat a hamburger. According the UK's Mirror, each guest on the show gets a "surprise" — for Paltrow that means she ends up eating a hamburger, french fries, and a milkshake while riding a roller coaster (whuh) in Southend, just east of London. Oliver tells the Mirror: "It's quite a frightening ­rollercoaster and for me it was horrific – there was food flying everywhere... Gwyneth told me she trusted me so I probably pushed our friendship about as far as it could go.." Also: "I think she had a really good time." If by "good time" he means haha Gwyneth got covered in a milkshake, then sure, why not.