Louis Walsh Slams Adele For Taking Time Off After Baby's Birth

Louis Walsh: 'Adele should be back at work already after baby'

Louis Walsh has laid into singer Adele for taking a whole month off after the birth of her son, telling her: “Someone like you should be back at work already.”

The hard task master says he would work Adele to the bone if he was her manager.

Louis, 59, said: “If we had someone like Adele, no way would she not be working now.

“Fine, have a baby. But then get back out there before they forget who you are.”

Adele, 24, gave birth at the end of last month and, since then, she and partner Simon Konecki have been looking after the baby at their £7million home in West Sussex.

But if it was up to X Factor judge Louis, Adele would be back in the studio.

He said: “She’d be on every TV show and there’d be another album already. Work the room – that’s my philosophy.”

Adele’s album “21” has sold 25 million copies worldwide in less than two years.

Louis conceded Adele, who wrote hits such as Someone Like You, would be exempt from a rule he tells his stars to follow – “Never be tempted to write your own songs”.

“Obviously Adele is a different case,” he says.

He continued, "Someone should have told Amy the truth. Drugs don't work unless you're Keith Richards. She was an enormous talent who has made the most important album of the last 20 years.

"But come on, one album and then you do what you want? No, no, no. If I manage you, you're working so hard you don't have time for drugs. You'll be crying out for sleep.

"I'm a great believer in old school managers who take charge."


Meanwhile Adele tweeted this after 21 hit 10 million sales in the US:

She remains unbothered.

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