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Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace at the Blag Magazine 20th Anniversary Signing

Tom Hardy has played more than his fair share of crooks and villains. So it made a change to see the 35-year old star showcase a beaming smile at a signing in East London.

Noomi Rapace joined Tom for Blag magazine's 20th anniversary event as they both appeared in it's special issue as the cover stars.
Cover pals: Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace attend the Blag Magazine 20th anniversary special edition signing at Rough Trade East
The Dark Knight Rises star looked far leaner than the muscular villain Bane he played in the final part of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy.

Wearing a khaki T-shirt, jeans and a beaming smile, Tom happily signed copies of the 20th anniversary edition to excited attendees.
Alongside him, Noomi looked just as relaxed in Brick Lane's Rough Trade East store but had on far more formal attire.
She wore a trouser suit similar to the style often seen on a certain type of female politician, but the Prometheus star added a bit of edge with striped socks and killer studded heels.

Spell check: Tom concentrates hard on spelling his name correctly whilst Noomi looks on in amusement
Pen pals: Tom and Noomi have never starred in a film together, but can now say they've shared a bath

The 20th anniversary copy of Blag - featuring Tom and Noomi on the front cover - came out in August, but the East London event gave fans the chance to blag a limited edition copy for themselves.
The issue featured exclusive photographs and in-depth interviews from the cover stars as well as a bevy of new and vintage interviews, unseen images and highlights from the last 20 years.
For the last few months, Hammersmith-born Tom has been filming the remake of Mad Max in which he plays the title character Mad Max Rockatansky.

Original blaggers: The magazine founders Sarah and Sally Edwards pose with actors Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace

Swedish actress Noomi shot to international recognition after playing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in the original Swedish adaption of the best-selling series.
Her latest film Passion sees the 33-year old get rather steamy with Rachel McAdams in Brian De Palma's thriller.
However, Tom and Noomi have never starred in a feature film together, but as two of the biggest rising stars in the movie business, it may not be too long before they do.

Glee: The acting duo look like they are having a whale of a time signing autographs at the East London venue

Men Prefer This 'Dark Knight Rises' Star To People's 'Sexiest Man Alive'

Forget Channing Tatum, according to social media, men would have preferred a certain Batman villain as People's Sexiest Man Alive of 2012. According to research firm Fizziology, the biggest man crush of the year is on Bane's Tom Hardy from "The Dark Knight Rises."

The social media researchers gathered data on male actors who gathered the most buzz on Twitter during each of their last two films. Hardy blew the competition away.

Tom Hardy: 20%
Ryan Gosling: 4%
Channing Tatum: 2%

Like Tatum, Hardy also had three successful films out this year: romantic comedy "This Means War," Weinstein Company's "Lawless," and, of course, "The Dark Knight Rises," which has earned more than $1 billion worldwide.
Hardy was also just cast as the lead in the film adaptation of "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" video game and book series.

Do you agree?

Tom Hardy's Fiancée Charlotte Riley Reveals What It's Like To Date Him!

Tom Hardy is engaged to the gorgeous Charlotte Riley, and she's spilled on her relationship with the hot Brit actor!

Yes, we might be super-jealous of Charlotte's closeness to our crush, but the lovely lady is set to star opposite Tom Cruise in All You Need Is Kill next year, so we're thinking there might be a lot of men who are just as jealous of Tom H!

So, how do Charlotte and Tom make it work? She told TV Choice:

“We have a very strict rule that we see each other every two weeks. We’ve been lucky. The job I just did was very exhausting, so I took a long period of time off to spend time with my family and Tom, and he had some time off before. He’s doing Mad Max [in South Africa] now, so we had six months together. We’ve been quite blessed really and we make it work.”

She also spilled the beans on what it was like to live with Tom when he was GINORMOUS for Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises:

“It was wicked. It was really cool. It’s interesting living with a person that’s bald and five times the size he normally is. I said to him, ‘When am I just going to have a normal boyfriend where you’re not either bald and huge?’ He had a beard for like six months for Mad Max and he’s just shaved it all off. Hurrahhhhh! I was like, ‘Oh my God, you have a face! Amazing! There you are, the person that I fell in love with.’”

Bless! What an adorable couple.

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