I'm Addicted to you, Don't you know that you're Toxic?

Well is Rihanna on a downward spiral? That’s what some are starting to say about the singer, as her relationship with Chris Brown continues to make many scratch their heads. How can she be so committed to Chris Brown, when it seems that he is sucking her into his drama and dragging her down.

The 24-year-old Rihanna might have been a diva before Chris Brown came back into her life, but now some are saying that she is completely untrustworthy and out of control. “She’s always been unpredictable, but it’s worse than ever,” claims at least one tabloid source.
The same source claims that some of those who work for Rihanna are trying to find other work, expecting the Barbadian singer’s life to come crashing down.
Now she doesn’t even keep commitments to those who work for her. It seems that the only person she cares about now is Chris Brown. How on earth has Rihanna been sucked back in by the same guy who beat her and left her for dead only a couple years ago. Now they are saying that her loyalty to Chris Brown is having an effect on relationships and commitments, and make her and everyone else look bad. People are fed up.”

The only question now is, whether her team will completely abandon her if this keeps up. Can she maintain her high profile career while Chris Brown’s antics make her look foolish? Only time will tell for Rihanna. Yes Chris Brown stays in the news, and Rihanna just can’t say no.

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