Joe Jonas is looking for a good Christian girlfriend

It's your lucky day, ladies of the cloth. spoke to a source who tells us that Joe is on the prowl and actually being set up on blind dates!

Joe Jonas wants a lady friend! can tell you that the 23-year-old is tired of being single and wants to settle down. “Joe is super picky,” a source tells us.

“He wants a girlfriend and he wants her to be Christian. He’s a really good guy and wants a girl with strong morals."

"He’s being set up casually by his friends but he hasn’t met anyone who has peaked his interest just yet.”

In a previous interview, the singer has said, "I want to meet a girl who walks into a room and doesn't just greet the people who she thinks she should greet, but she greets everybody like they're all the same."

"I like someone who doesn't try too hard, and someone who can understand my crazy schedule. I'm also looking for somebody who is fun and laughs at my jokes, even if they're not funny. You know what? I love girls and I love to date and have a good time. What can a girl do to catch my eye? Just come up and say hi. Be yourself."

The heartthrob has dated lovely Christian girls like Taylor Swift (now dating Harry Styles), Ashley Greene, Demi Lovato (who has been seen with Wilmer Valderrama again) and Camilla Belle (who is now dating Tim Tebow). Who do you think Joe should date next?

Source S2