Olly Murs: My Penis is 5.12 inches

"It's not about quantity, it's about quality.
And I am all about quality."

When we think of singer Olly Murs, one thing in particular jumps to mind. No, not his cheeky personality, great music, or hip-thrusting dancing skills. We're talking about his trouser bulge.

Yes, we are fully aware that we have filthy minds.

Now Olly has spoken out about his love of crotch-hugging trousers, and even gone as far as to estimate the actual length of his willy. Graphic.

"Maybe 13 cm?" He told heat magazine, when asked about his 'length'. "That's what I'd go with - it's definitely not 20cm. It would be too big. I think 13cm."

You're all running around the room looking for a ruler right now aren't you? AND YOU SAY WE'RE FILTHY? PAH.

Olly also revealed that he isn't fussed about his bulge being a regular conversation topic, which is good - considering we talk about it a LOT.

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