Browns Linebacker Tank Carder Calls Comedy Account a Faggot When He Misses The Joke

You can tell a lot about a person by checking out who they follow on Twitter. In the case of the former TCU Horned Frog, Tank Carder fulfills many of the "jock" stereotypes you might have. He follows something called "Fill Werrell" and the straight forwardly-named "Pickup Lines!" He follows an account called "Because I'm a Guy." He replies to an innocuous Because I'm A Guy "joke" about betraying a teammate with "unfollowed...your a faggot for that" even though it appears to be in reference to a video game and, you know, guy humor. "They need to clarify that."

Tank has made several other dumb tweets, including calling a user a 'dumb braud' and confusing the NFL Ref Strike with a lockout. You can view those at the source

He's now sitting on twitter, retweeting dumbasses and telling people they're taking it wrong:

Tanks twitter