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Chris Browns never changing antics + List of people verbally abused by him


It was brought to my attention that yesterday Chris Brown being the total piece of artistic shit he is, decided to attack Jenny Johnson after she pointed out what a disgusting human he is. Brown retaliated by posting misogynistic hate filled messages that would later escalate to him deleting his account. Jenny stated that she is utterly disgusted that this cretin has not shown remorse for what he did, as proven by his violent misogynist twitter posts, which brings us to the question "Why is it wrong to criticize a violent woman beater like Brown? Why does society constantly shield violent people like him?"

Brown fans have been harassing and bullying Jenny, and sending alarming death threats because she called out Browns disgusting violent behavior, want to hear the best part? 90% of these death threats were initiated by his FEMALE fans. This is not completely shocking to me because some women tend to be more emotional when it comes to their MALE idols(One Direction, Justin Bieber), this is nauseating and warrants the fact that these women are willing to forgive Chris because he looks good(debatable) and sings and dances. I wanted to look more into this subject as to why its okay for assholes who sing and dance to beat women and get away with it, I think its unfair that I only focus on Chris Brown because plenty of violent abusive singers before him have done it., but let me empathize on the fact that Chris Brown is a POPULAR artist. He gets criticized because he is the shining example of how and why all the previous assholes got away with violent misogynistic behavior because society shielded those poor helpless men from criticism. 

Chris Brown has shown absolutely no remorse for his previous actions, he continues to become more abusive and misogynist because he was NEVER punished for beating Rihanna. This fact alone probably turned him into an entitled piece of crap who believes and will continue to believe that he is ABOVE the law and no repercussions can happen from his violent outbursts. The fact that he continues to not be able to control his anger(chairs flying at windows, twitter outburst) proves that no one around him is willing to tell him that he has serious anger issues, and he needs serious extensive therapy to ensure that no one gets hurt in the future by his unthinkable actions.

In my opinion Chris Brown will never changes because:
1) He never got punished properly for beating Rihanna
2) He continues to surround himself with enablers who most likely share his same violent traits
3) Rihanna has forgiven him and they are back together(once again proving that Chris can act like shit and there will be no consequences)
4) His fans defend his behavior and show the same abusive behavior to people who dare criticize this woman beater.
5) The music industry continues to shower him with awards and acknowledgments because he sells albums.
6) He refuses to acknowledge that he has anger issues and seems to suffer from the MARTYR complex syndrome. 


The list of people who got victimized and bullied by Brown and his fans for speaking against him

1)Jenny Johnson

2)Chrissy Teigen

3)Miranda Lambert
1334472247_Miranda Lambert Jason Merritt

4)Andy Levy

5)Raz B

(Chris Brown publicly humiliated Raz B by mocking his sexual abuse incident)

(Source: Written by Snapple)

Note:Mods please accept this, it is relevant to celeb news because just yesterday the violent asshole attacked a woman with misogynist tweets and then proceeded to delete it after he got owned. I spent so much time and effort writing this. I apologize for forgetting the LJ cut, fixed it.

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